About Jevon Terance​


A white contrail scratched across a deep blue sky; the swooping endless curve of the seams on a basketball; a winter storms windswept snowdrift, shifting and ever changing; the crash of a wave against the break wall; the coach who demoted you to the jayvee’s when you should have been varsity; the foil on the back of a sports car; the basketball shoes your idol wore, the ones you wanted so badly that you waited and waited and waited and then wore – all of the time.

You studied those shoes. You looked at them. You deconstructed and reconstructed them in your mind thousands of times. You looked at ways to make them better, different, more unique. Those shoes got you thinking in ways you never knew you would. And you took from that…




Jevon Terance certainly took from those shoes. He studied them. He knew them inside and out. He knew their stories. He knew their appeal. He understood that they held some deeper meaning than just a pair of basketball shoes. He recognized them as beautiful yet functional art. And those shoes, whether he knew it or not, inspired him, they motivated him, and they became his deepest initial influence.

In particular there is that glorious, swooping, majestic Nike curve.   If you look closely at so much of Jevon Terance’s designs you are likely to find some piece – be it tiny and almost indiscernible or perhaps more obvious - of that elegant, chic arching line.

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Inspiration, influence, and motivation. It is where it all begins, and then it builds outward from there.


Born and raised the post-industrial lakeside port city of Lorain, Ohio, Terance grew up in a community that has long been known as “the International City”. Endowed with a population that prominently features Hispanic, African-American, European, Caucasian, Asian, Native American, and Pacific Islander cultures, Lorain affords Terance the unique opportunity to feed off of this cultural diversity as well as the wild range of his hometown’s landscape – a rugged mix of urban grit and factory skyline towering over and standing in stark contrast to the natural beauty, quiet power, and immense wonder of Lake Erie to the north. This potpourri of environment meshes uniquely with Terance’s design influences and creates a catalyst for all of Terance’s dynamic work.